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Welcome to the O'Malley Clan home.
Here you will find pictures, stories and other ins and outs of the O'Malley Clan.

Recent Photo Galleries - October 2012

Santas Village 2012
Drive a NASCAR
Misc Summer 2012 Photos
Disneyland 2012

Air Show - August 2011

We met a cousin who is an A-10 Thunderbolt pilot and was flying in the show. He took the family to the staging Area in Gary Airport for an up-close and personal look at the aircraft and pilots.

I don't know who was more excited, me or the boys!!!

Random Pics - April 2011


Snowmageddon 2011


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Happy Halloween - 2010
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Hilton Head, SC Vacation - 2010
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Hilton Head - Part 2
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Tall Ships - Chicago

Summer 2010 and 3rd Birthday:
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Spring 2010 :

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010 :


March 2010:


Christmas 2009:


Sometimes you just have to let the Professionals Do Their Job.

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The boy's first haircut - May 27, 2009:
Sean was pretty calm and seemed to enjoy the experience. He looked like a completely different kid afterwards.

Tommy. well, he was just being Tommy.

The Boys 2nd Christmas - 2008

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Walt Disney World Vacation - December 2008

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ovember, 2008 - Indian Summer

October 31, 2008 - Halloween!!!


June 1, 2008:

Summertime is Finally Here!! The Boys enjoy a dip in their pool.:

May 17, 2008:

The Boys' First Cubs Game!!!!!!!!

Parked at Sheffield and Waveland with an "Easy Out" and ready to go.
In our seats. And look who was only two rows up from us!! Cindy's Uncle and Tommy's Godfather.
This was Tarra's first offical Cubs game as well!! The extra lap was wonderful.
And we're spent!!!!

May 14, 2008:
Time for some random pictures:

March 25, 2008
Well, we're done with the Holidays for a little while. The Boys celebrated their first St. Paddy's Day and their First Easter.

Happy St. Paddy's Day:

Easter Morning. They boys are looking for Easter Eggs!!

Looking all dapper in their Easter outfits.

February 3, 2008:
At our last Dr's visit, the boys weighed in over 18 lbs and measured over 27 inches. I think they're going to be some big boys.

For some reason, they LOVE being naked.


February 1, 2008
OK. I know it's been like forever since I posted pics. Yeah, yeah, I know.
The past three months have flown by like nobody's business. Every day the boys are getting bigger, learning to sit up and getting ready to start walking!!! Their distinct personalities are now starting to shine through.

They've even taken an interest in the television. Their favorite show is the Backyardigan's. The scary thing is that I've found myself singing their songs in the shower. Oh my.

But don't interrupt them!!!


They've even started on solid foods (well Oatmeal, Rice and pureed stuff). The first try seemd like there was more on the outside than the inside.

The Boys First Christmas

The was a first Christmas on many levels. First for the boys and also the first in our new house.

Looks who's getting into a festive mood!!

Christmas Day finally came and the boys were ready to tear open those gifts.

Many gifts were given and received. The biggest hit of the day was the gift from Uncle Brian.

This wagon will be getting plenty of use once the weather gets better. There's even a cooler on the back for Mom and Dad!!!

October 28, 2007
The boys received the Sacrament of Baptism today. The ceremony took place at Old St. Patricks Church in Chicago. We were excited to find that Father Jack Wall was going to perform the Baptism, as he was the priest that married us there five years earlier.


October 31, 2007:
Happy Halloween!!!!!


June 26, 2007:
We are happy to introduce our two newest additions:

John Joseph III
Thomas Ronan

The boys were born on June 26, 2007 at just over 5 pounds each.

Maximus (our fur-baby) is very excited he has two new brothers to play with (I'm sure he will feel differently in a few months when one has him by the tail and the other the ears!!!!)

Feel free to look around and see the picutres. The site will be continuously updated (well, as continuous as I can be) with pictures and stories, so please check back often.